Lifetime NZ Bond Fund


The Lifetime NZ Bond Fund is a single sector fund that provides exposure to NZ Fixed Interest. It is invested 100% in income assets (NZ Fixed Interest). The fund seeks to track the Bloomberg NZ Bond Composite 0+ Yr Index. It does this through investing 100% into the Fisher Institutional New Zealand Bond Fund.


Underlying Managers & Target Asset Allocations

The table below sets out the target asset allocation and underlying investment managers for the Fund.

For more information you can access the Funds Statement of Investment Objectives and Policy (SIPO).


Asset Class

Underlying Fund Managers

Investment Managers

Product Name

Benchmark Asset Allocation

NZ Fixed Interest



Fisher Institutional New Zealand Bond Fund




Fund Performance

Find below the performance to 30 April 2024. The returns are after tax & fees (at 28%), and before tax & after fees.


PIR Tax Rate







After tax & fees

-0.83% -0.16% 4.25% 2.19% -2.69% -1.68%

Before tax & after fees

-1.16% -0.23% 5.93% 3.02% -3.73% -2.34%

* Returns over 1-year are annualised


The ‘AMP NZ Fixed Interest Fund’ was renamed the ‘Lifetime NZ Bond Fund’ when Lifetime Asset Management acquired the Scheme on 1 March 2023. Performance therefore reflects the ‘AMP NZ Fixed Interest Fund’ prior to 1 March 2023.